Quatrophil Champagne HIGHLIGHT White Flute 10 oz. - Set of 2

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  • With HIGHLIGHT, Stölzle Lausitz makes the glass shine. A novel technique using the QUATROPHIL Champagne Flute that illuminates the stem of the glass when it is lifted. This makes the rising bubbles which are specifically stimulated by the sparkling point in Champagne goblet’s base a real eye catcher, for special and elegant as well as for atmospheric occasions. 
  • The technology in the glass base is hermetically sealed so that the glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher.*
  • A machine-made collection with the quality and style of mouth blown handmade crystal.
  • These oversized, high-performance bowls allow the wine to aerate and disperse its aroma perfectly. Tall, elegant and chic, these vessels will dramatically enhance your wine tasting experience.
  • These non-lead crystal stems also represent an outstanding value, in many cases costing 40-50% less than some competitive products.
  • 231 00 29RHL002 HIGHLIGHT White Flute Champagne 10 oz, 2 pk